Technology Divide

The headline caught my attention: Technology Divide Between Senior ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-Nots’ Roils Pandemic Response. I loved that Landmark plans to experiment with what he calls “facilitated telehealth,” which includes nonmedical staff members bringing devices to patients’ homes and managing telehealth visits (It now has enough PPE to make this possible.). It is also looking at technology that it can give to members. One of those alternatives gaining attention is Grandpa, a tablet loaded with senior-friendly apps designed for adults 75 and older. In July the National PACE Association, whose members run programs providing comprehensive services to frail seniors who live at home, announced a partnership with GrandPad to encourage adoption of this technology. Reading, I smiled and thought what a way to make grandparents included and empowered. Then I read further, and learned this idea comes at a tab of $40 a month. That is $480 annually. That can be a lot for a senior on a fixed income without additional family support. I also wonder if the facilitated telehealth nonmedical staff comes out once updates are required. Has anyone used either of these services or know someone that has? How is it working?

Virtual Visits: Telehealth and Older Adults | National Poll on Healthy Aging
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