How Important Is Sex?

Why don’t people put enough emphasis on the importance of sex? Sex is important and it’s not a game. Sex is for two people who love each other and understand each other. When you have sex with a woman you are going into a woman, you are entertaining. She has opened herself up to you, and if you are going into a woman, you must understand what you are going into. It is more than just an opening that brings pleasure. The importance of having sex and the importance of reproduction are things that we need to understand- we can’t take that for granted and we sure shouldn’t take the activity of sex for granted. If you have to take your love from A to Z (where to kiss, where to lick, where to suck, where to touch, where to feel, where to rub, where to put things, where not to try to put things, and finally how to make you cum…), who the hell wants that. It is becoming too technical and he’s only doing things by instructions not passion.

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2 Responses to How Important Is Sex?

  1. Hamish says:

    The act of having sex can affect more than just the two people involved, depending on the context. It is important to take this seriously, and as is said here, to understand its importance in reproduction, and intimacy involved even if that is not the intention. We take little parts of our past sexual experiences with us, for better or for worse, and it can take time and effort to alter that mindset to be present for who we are with, and love, and care for.

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