The Soup Bible my culinary challenge

farmers marketIt’s a week after Thanksgiving and I find myself looking for some butter lettuce to make a salad. After a week of heavy foods, something light and fresh sounds divine. However, the joke is on me as I opened my vegetable crisper and staring back at me with attitude is a plethora of vegetables. I’m talking a few pounds of mushrooms, fresh green beans, spears of asparagus, heads of cauliflower, a rainbow of bell peppers, scallions, and some beautiful carrots. I cringed at the thought of food waste; so I pulled out my favorite cookbook, rolled up my sleeves, and began to empty my vegetable bins. I also took a few squash from the pantry. I began to make soups- lots and lots of soup. Yes, I could have made one or two, but where is the challenge in that? The more soups I make the more prepared meals we could have on these very cold winter nights. Right now, the temperature says that its 37 degrees out, but the wind chill takes the “real feel” down to about 25 degrees. As a working professional I have no choice but to leave home each day, making my way into the world. I do have the choice to come home to a homemade bowl of soup- all I have to do is defrost it. I’ll share my many soups with you over the course of the season, thought tonight I share my spouse’s favorite- Cauliflower Soup. This is an easy hearty one you can make with ease and confidence, and the best person to teach you is Pioneer Woman. This is the only recipe I truly follow without tweaking. Bon Appetite!

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5 Responses to The Soup Bible my culinary challenge

  1. Your market is gorgeous!! I too made soup this week. Tonight I really wanted something hearty and warm. I went to the store (unlike you, I have NOTHING on hand) and bought potatoes, broccoli, and onions, some herbs, butter, and soy milk. I guess I lied. I did have some vegetable soup base, lol. I threw it all together for a yummy soup 🙂



    • msw blog says:

      Love my produce stand. Every time I shop there I truly feel like I have reached a major milestone of success. Your dinner sounds yummy and isn’t amazing what you have on hand like stock..… lol. Bon Appetite- thanks for reading.

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  2. 60while60 says:

    I love soups. Such comfort food. I am learning from the best every Wednesday at the soup kitchen.

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