Carrots and Ginger Meet Soup

Intrigued by the soup’s aroma and unique combination, I found myself trying this soup on a whim a few years back at a farm to table tasting. It did not disappoint my taste buds. It relies on the sweetness of fresh carrots, the creamy silk of coconut milk, and the heat from ginger and curry powder. I was desperate to recreate it, and after several attempts I stumbled upon this jewel of a recipe. This soup recipe takes me back to the warm days of summer (what meal reminds you of your favorite season?).

 However, you can make it year round, especially on a snowy day like today when you want to pretend you’re in the tropics. You can whip a batch up in the summer when your market or garden has produce and an abundance of carrots (it’s just as good cold). Bon appetite!

Cook’s tip: purple carrots do not make beautiful purple soup. I am a therapist and an avid gardener, not a scientist, so I can’t completely explain the mechanics behind this- but trust me when I say avoid using purple unless you are going for the color of sludge.



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