Asparagus meet Soup!


When I saw the beautiful bag of fresh asparagus slowly wilting, I flipped through my SoupBible and called my dear friend (all I can say about her is “watch out Martha!”). Abby can cook and make anything. She answered and, as good friends often do, we bypassed the pleasantries. I simply said, “Have you ever made asparagus soup?”

She started to laugh and say “No, it costs a million dollars. Have you seen the price of asparagus?”

I quickly calmed her down and told her I am sure it was a Costco purchase. She said she didn’t know about that, but as any good friend would do she didn’t point out the obvious that I could have just asked my spouse the chef. She understands empowerment and we happened on Onceupona chef (Click for divine recipe). The recipe seemed easy enough, and after our virtual cocktail time together, I went to work. I will say the soup was amazing and my spouse came in during the 12th hour to admire me giving the asparagus an ice bath (if I had an official culinary list I could now chalk ice bathing veggies off of it) and grilling some salmon. It was a great accompaniment to the soup.

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6 Responses to Asparagus meet Soup!

  1. I want asparagus soup! Yum!


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  2. nice2beme says:

    I wish I could try this asparagus, but it`s quite difficult to find it in my country.

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