Learning to Say No.

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That night I came up with six questions that I hoped would help me reclaim my life. I call them The Big Six, and I offer them here for one simple reason: They work. Next time someone asks you a question that requires a yes or no answer, ask yourself the following:
1. What am I being asked to do?
2. Who is making the request?
3. Who will benefit from this activity?
4. What do I want to do?
5. What will happen if I say no?
6. What will happen if I say yes?

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10 Responses to Learning to Say No.

  1. Saying No for some of us takes a lot of learning 🙂

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    Great questions to ask ourselves. It will give time to think before recklessly saying yes!

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  3. Hamish says:

    This process will help us learn more about ourselves, and become quicker as we do it more. Quicker in the sense we will know answers we give are honest as we learn what *really* want to say no (and yes) to.

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