Body Scan Meditation

Learning what your body and mind are experiencing opens the doors to preventing the pattern after trauma from controlling your life. One way to get unstuck is to …

Set a timer for 5 minutes starting at the top of our head, very slowly and elaborately scan your body for tension and other sensations. Notice what’s happening in your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, and so on moving down your whole body.

When you find tension,, be curious about it. Notice any feelings or thoughts you may be experiencing

Take a deep breath in or let a long exhale out and see if the sensations or thoughts change moving down the whole body again.

If It’s really uncomfortable to sit with what your noticing, that’s normal. For help processing it, engage someone who practice somatic therapy. There are many branches including  Hakomi method , sensorimotor therapy, accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy ,somatic experiencing , and EMDR each has its own providers.

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