Makeover Mirror Edition

Prop a mirror on the wall. Perhaps one of the easiest ways of dressing up a blank wall is by propping a mirror up against it. Mirrors have the power to open up a space.

Rustic Wood Freestanding Full-length Floor Mirror - Overstock - 30272549

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6 Responses to Makeover Mirror Edition

  1. adguru101 says:

    And that’s a particularly nice one.

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  2. Yes I have this huge mirrors in almost every room in my home. I love them! I wish I could put one on my patio!

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    • msw blog says:

      That sounds lovely. I am sure it makes your home look larger, and brighter. They do make outdoor mirrors try googling “Patio mirror ideas” 

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      • Yes but my house is not that big. Only 2800 sf. I love them. I don’t have an overhead on my patio yet. I did have the cement laid and I bought some patio furniture and a grill. Then my money got funny! So, I still have the overlay to do and I don’t know if i’ll get the overhead. I’ve not found no one under 20K 😩


      • msw blog says:

        I would suggest trying to complete or scheduling the awning/overhead project in the off season . That is often when companies’ money is fun…lol and your negotiating power improves.

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