A moment for self-reflection

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As it has been a year since the murder of George Floyd, and this new wave of activism has crashed over our society, it’s important to reflect on where this wave has carried us.

How much has changed? White people, especially conservative ones, have had a huge drop-off in support for the Black Lives Matter movement as it has gained more of a presence in the wider social sphere. The statement “Black lives matter” has become politicized when I would argue that it doesn’t matter where you stand on the political spectrum, everyone should stand for a transformative justice system that is fair and equitable across the board.

America, at the very roots of its founding, politicized the existence of Black people to the point that people can hear “Black lives matter” and disagree. The people who are being murdered and incarcerated by the American justice system are Americans, citizens of our own nation who are disproportionately preyed upon by a violent system that is supposed to keep them safe.

As a society, we really must be self-reflective and critical in this time of change because there is always opportunity for everything we build to be destroyed by ignorance.

Wulf Jinkins, Tacoma

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