Pharmaceutical Sciences

When Maha Haq’s mother caught her smoking marijuana as a teenager, it changed her life forever. “My mom is a clinical researcher, an academic, so she told me I had to present a defense of why I was smoking,” Haq says. As she researched her report, she found her passion. “I think my mom saw a spark of a devotion to science in me.” Haq has since completed her undergrad studies at UCLA and is currently working toward her master’s in pharmaceutical sciences with a concentration on medical cannabis sciences at the University of Maryland. She is also leading Cannaclub, a student group she started at UCLA that now has chapters across 11 campuses nationwide. The organization is focused on education, advocacy, and opportunity. “My goal is to nurture the next gen of leaders in the space,” she says. She is now in the process of creating a governing body for all Cannaclub chapters that will help campuses communicate and share resources. “We can create change and mold this into a better industry.”  –Maha Haq

Growing pot at home could become legal in Washington - The Columbian
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