Invasion of English Ivy

Q: I have the beginnings of an invasion of English ivy in my front yard. Can I get rid of it?

A: English ivy is an invasive plant that produces long vines that root at the nodes. The mature branches produce berries that some birds eat — thereby distributing the seeds. The plants are highly shade tolerant and will root in most soils.

To remove the ivy growing in your yard, handpull the vines and then cover the area with several inches of mulch to inhibit new growth. Do not leave what you have removed on the ground as it can reroot. Place it on a tarp to wither, then dispose of it as yard debris. If, after a few months, you see new sprouts, pull them.

Mature leaves are leathery and have a waxy coating, so treating the vines with chemicals is not highly effective. You may have some success treating new leaves when they first appear. Whenever using chemicals, be sure to read the label thoroughly and follow the directions for use and disposal.

— Linda Holmes, OSU Extension master gardener

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  1. Prior... says:

    Very helpful and I think Ivy can be beautiful but too invasive for my liking

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