RANT to time changes. Washington has failed to continue in the fight for the end of twice-a-year time changes. At one point, pre-pandemic, this state had requested yearlong daylight saving time. That meant no more time changes. Somehow, we are still changing our clocks twice a year. Pick a time and stick to it!

RANT to automated messages. I seem to have to spend too much time attempting to connect with a human voice when the taped voice does not have an answer to my reason for calling. Amazon is the worst, but even medical offices often take a long time to get me to a human who can answer my question.

RANT to grocery stores that require you to purchase four or more items to receive the sale price. All this does is cause people to hoard, because if you just want one or two items, you have to pay full price.

RANT to the large, nearly empty piercing shop that turned us away because bringing my 4-year-old to her sister’s first ear piercing was “too many people.” How else is a single mom supposed to take her daughter to get her ears pierced? I get that you need to have some restrictions, but please learn to have a little compassion. What should’ve been a fun, memorable day was filled with tears and disappointment. 

RANT to the emergency room department at a local hospital for not having any lavatory facilities open for caregivers who arrive with their patients. On Christmas Eve, my caregiver/driver was told to wait in our car while I was treated in the ER. After four hours, she asked to use the facilities, but was told no. She was advised by a registered nurse to try the nearby McDonald’s. There she made a purchase but was refused use of the restroom. My caregiver then went to the top floor of the hospital parking garage and relieved herself in a dark corner. Is this what the infectious disease department wants people to do? What is the alternative?

RANT to the “yard cleaners” who charge you $300-$500 for a simple yard cleanup (raking only, in my case), a job that should take no longer than two to three hours. I was given an estimate of $380 and $560. Come on. Not even a Boeing engineer makes that kind of money per hour. I’m 80 years old and you are gouging us. You know who you are.

RANT to people who donate expired food to food banks, Little Free Pantries and other outlets designed to help those in need. It is hard enough asking for help, and being given food that is expired/inedible only adds to the pain and hardship. One can of fruit expired three years ago! Please check the dates before you donate, and if the food isn’t something you’d give to your neighbor, don’t donate it.  

RANT AND RAVE Rant to UPS for not delivering packages to our apartment doors, instead leaving them downstairs in the mail room directly beneath a sign that states, “Do not leave packages in mail room.” This is a large senior housing apartment building with many handicapped residents who have difficulty bringing packages up from downstairs, and if anything is left overnight, they are subject to theft. Rave to the several food banks that deliver directly to our apartment doors weekly.  

RAVE to the man in Greenwood whose car I carelessly backed into. I slightly damaged his license plate and when I showed him what happened he said, “That’s what grace is for.” In a moment when I needed grace, and in a world that is starving for it, his kind words were a gift.

RANT to those who rant and rave. Get a life!

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  1. Don’t really get the understanding or reasoning behind changing the time twice a year. I’m sure there is a dollar amount attached where some rich person benefits greatly.

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