Beautiful Security

Can you recommend a security camera for outside my house that is discreet and looks really modern?

It turns out burglars are not very complicated. According to the Department of Justice, they are deterred by cameras, security stickers and floodlights. My advice would be to get a camera that’s not flashy — but actually flashes. Extra points for a good siren. It doesn’t have to be three feet tall or blare a John Philip Sousa march (although that would be nice), but it should be obvious.

Why would you want a security camera that’s discreet? You want to scare off potential burglars, not let them know you have good taste. An elegantly designed unit sends out the message: “You think this is cool? I’ve got even nicer stuff inside!”

A highly regarded brand that has all the bells and whistles is Ring. Its Floodlight Cam Wired Plus (from about $180) has motion-activated LEDs, full high-definition video and a built-in 105-decibel siren. The form is just bulky enough to announce itself and comes in basic black or white. Ring also allows you to monitor and get alerts through a smartphone app. With a subscription (from $3 a month), you can record video from one or several cameras.

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