Sink Hole

 I have a five-hole kitchen sink and recently read your article on sink holes and faucets. Here’s my issue: I’m installing a pullout faucet that will use three holes and a soap dispenser in the fourth. What do I do with the fifth hole?

A: If no other faucet accessories or required plumbing controls are needed and you end up with an extra kitchen sink hole, a few options are available. Here are three ideas to consider that range from inexpensive to deluxe.

First, you can keep it simple with a low-profile sink hole cover. Different finishes and textures are available to match your sink. Even though you’ll see the cover, it will conceal the hole.

Next, for a more decorative look at a moderate price, you can install a second soap dispenser. The second one can be filled with hand lotion so it can also be useful at the sink.

Finally, for a higher-end option, install a filtered water faucet and use it exclusively for drinking water.

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