Kindness from Strangers

RAVE to the table next to us at a local restaurant. While celebrating my 80th with my family, the table next to us treated me to a glass of Champagne. How cute is that? Thank you!

RAVE to the man who pulled up next to my partner and me on Montlake while we waited at a traffic light with our convertible top down. He rolled down his window and said, “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” I replied with, “But of course.” It was just like in those old Grey Poupon mustard commercials! It was such a simple “microaffection,” but with so much tearing at people from all sides these days, it was a sweet, uplifting and humorous moment.

RAVE to the person who found and turned in our lost car keys at Snoqualmie ski resort in inches of powder. We were stranded with our 3-year-old and no one was traveling through the pass for us to get home. You reinstilled in us the basic goodness of people.

RAVE to whoever hung the two simple and very meaningful banners on the overpass at Aurora Avenue North and North 130th Street. Seeing those blue banners with the words HOPE and HEAL really is hopeful and healing! Thank you so much for giving us a more positive day every time we drive by and read those banners. 

RAVE to an unexpected act of kindness. As I was walking through the forest in Seward Park, I came upon a lovely, small bouquet of wildflowers arranged in a small vase and placed in an hollow of a tree. “Whomever you are, these flowers are for you!” was written on a note. I had recently lost my brother due to a heart attack and was in the midst of grieving. The unexpected bouquet raised my spirits and for that, I thank you!

RAVE to the wonderful guy, Jeff, who witnessed a theft of my electric bike while I was inside a coffeehouse. He followed the suspect from afar, called out to him about the bike, causing the thief to abandon the bike and run. He then returned bike intact and ready to ride again.   Life is good.

RAVE to our King County Metro C Line bus driver. We boarded downtown and headed to West Seattle. We stopped unexpectedly in the middle of Highway 99 where he picked up all the passengers from a stranded C bus that had been in a fender bender. Not 1,000 feet later, he pulled over and picked up the passengers from a stranded 55! When we got to West Seattle, he smoothly converted his route, made every stop for the 55, and then just as calmly turned back into a C. Stopping in the middle of 99 was spooky, but he handled it with total professionalism. Kudos! 

RAVE to imagination and the little girl wearing a pink tutu who danced gracefully out of her ballet class. She crossed the street in front of my car, moving her feet daintily, and her arms arched overhead, ready for her pirouette. May we all carry a little pink tutu magic with us! 

RAVE to the two drivers who stopped to help me the evening of June 25, when my car was hit by a hit-and-run driver on Sand Point Way Northeast. Thanks to Amanda, Savannah and Madison in the first car who took right off and found the vehicle after the driver tried to hide in an apartment complex parking lot. The video they took of the car and license plate helped police and insurance find the driver. Thanks to my second unknown good Samaritan who came back to check in with me even after he could not find the car. I was very touched by their quick response to find the person. Thanks!

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5 Responses to Kindness from Strangers

  1. Wynne Leon says:

    Love these!! Rave to you for sharing them!!

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  2. And all that is how we keep grounded. Giving thanks through the rough patches.

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