How to Welcome Fall

Buy a pair or two of new cozy socks

Visit a thrift store and pick out a super soft sweater

Sip on your favorite fall beverage

Visit the library and check out a few spooky books

Wash all your cozy throw blanks

Walk around your neighborhood at dusk.

Choose a comforting show to binge watch all season long.

Buy a puzzle to put together on that first stormy day.

Take a drive somewhere you can see fall foliage.

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7 Responses to How to Welcome Fall

  1. Yes. Make the most of it


  2. I keep going to J. Crew and Anthropologie website and putting stuff in my cart only to not purchase it. I don’t go nowhere and I won’t be going nowhere till I’m done with school so why waste the money. Plus I have a grand baby coming that I can’t wait to just eat up!!!

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