5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself *Before* Redecorating Your Home

1. Am I okay with moving slowly, based on things like budget, shipping timelines, etc.?

2. Am I being honest with myself about how I actually live?Asking this question will help you consider the materials, fabrics, layouts, and other design elements that will work best for you. Say you love the look of cement tile but hate dingy flooring. Knowing how materials perform over time sometimes means letting go of something you love in favor of something you can live with.

3. What are the things I truly can’t stand about the space?

4. What have I liked about the design of other spaces?This is when we get to dream. What spaces have you been in that made an impression on you? Think beyond color and design. Think about FEELINGS. Memories. Think about past travels, whether visiting friends and family or staying at a hotel. Ask yourself what you liked about the rooms you stayed in, and what elements made them feel like home

5. How will I implement the elements of my personal style into this space?

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