Black Death

You’re listening to the residents, who are saying what they’re saying, “Stop it. You’re killing him. Are you going to just allow this to happen? Take his pulse,” and so forth. So, you’re hearing all of that. There is another video where there’s just engagement with one of the officers on the scene and basically the crowd kind of exhorting him to find his humanity. So there are lots of ways to view this, and each one of them is actually very, very important to understand the sickness that we have allowed to pervade our system of law enforcement in this country. – SHERRILYN IFILLpresident, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

I have stopped consuming Black death. It’s too painful. It’s enough to know, it’s enough to know their names. –IANNE FIELDS STEWARTactivist; founder, the Okra Project

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  1. I have so much to say here but I want! Awesome post tho!

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