Which is a better couch pairing, the coffee table or the ottoman?

Purchasing a coffee table

Coffee (and cocktail) tables come in many shapes and sizes and can range in texture from wood, metal and even stone. Incorporating natural elements into your space, like a wooden coffee table for instance, is one alluring way to enrich a design. Using multiple high-contrast wood pieces in a room adds depth and visual interest.

A coffee table may be preferable for:

  • A more formal room
  • A flat surface/high functionality
  • Extra storage

What are the limitations to a coffee table?

  • Not as comfy and casual as an ottoman — no place for feet to go
  • Easier to bang a knee or stub a toe on (and does not come childproofed)
  • Extra storage is visible (often just a lower shelf or tabletop)

Purchasing an ottoman

An ottoman may be preferable for:

  • A more informal space
  • Comfort vs. functionality
  • Incorporating more pattern into room design
  • Extra seating in a pinch
  • Rooms with too much wood or too many hard surfaces
  • What are the limitations to an ottoman?
  • Not a flat surface for placing items — need a basket or tray to safely place things like drinks
  • Easier to stain and more challenging to clean
  • Can fall into the trendy instead of timeless design trap
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