Perspective- pages of a career journal


Yesterday I spoke with my younger sibling, who informed me I sounded sleepy. My reply was I work 14 hour days. My sibling replied “Dang!” OK it was really only eight hours working, and the rest is internship. My sibling’s reply caught me by surprise as he said “Like the Pursuit of Happiness? We watched that movie in school.” I never viewed my practicum in such away, as moving toward something that will bring me happiness and success.

Reading this, I find myself laughing and smiling, as nothing beats childhood innocent. It is my hope that we all laugh and smile in see something in a new perspective encounter, or in someone we see this week.

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3 Responses to Perspective- pages of a career journal

  1. When I think of childhood innocence, I think of how I was always told anyone who could afford food, a nicer house, a car that worked, etc, was “rich”.

    While I don’t agree with that classification system, sometimes when I’m down on my life I think about how by my childhood standards, I am rich and blessed beyond belief. More than that, I try to stop and remember. how true that really is. 🙂



  2. msw blog says:

    I often heard that same sentiment growing up- how sad. Though, as I have aged I have truly taken that train of thought and dismantled it to see how blessed my life truly is, as I am rich in so many other ways. – Thank you for reading


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