Giveaway Update and a Real Life Rant

My number one personal pet peeve is people not keeping their word or not following through. This burns me to know end. I am sure this stems from childhood and growing up with addicts for parents, but as I matured it’s grown into more of learning to build your character and being your best self. That is nearly impossible if your word and actions belie you.

Now, in saying that, what’s got me baffled is my giveaway. Rafflecoppter sucks (that is my personal opinion- I will not be using them again). The day my raffle ended I hopped out bed, excited to pick a winner and bring a smile to someone’s day. Sadly, I noticed those who liked my post and left comments were not added to their little spreadsheet (what the hell!). So, I  did what any good person would do. I went in and added as many of you as I could (Though you would be surprised how many of you don’t have email addresses linked to your blog). I picked a winner and after 48 hours, no reply. I picked another winner and after 24 hours, no reply (am I the only person who puts things on my calendar). I believe the third times is the charm. If you are still interested, send me an old fashioned email saying “enter me or something along those lines”. I have written a number down on a sheet of paper and when that number hits, that be the winner. In the meantime, many of you are great writers and have great attitudes toward habits. Check out these blogs and I hope they tide you over until I have a winner.




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4 Responses to Giveaway Update and a Real Life Rant

  1. I agree, Rafflecopter is a pain! It did work for my giveaway, but I might do it differently next time. I think there is a paid version. I’m guessing they try to make the free version annoying so you buy.

    Thanks for the mention! I will check out your links!



  2. msw blog says:

    I agree trial runs of “free products” are rarely worth the hassle. Please do check out the links. There are a lot of brilliant good people in the world Thank you for reading.


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