Traditional School Didn’t Work For Me, So I Enrolled in an Online School


This article truly reminds me of the Martha Beck article “How to be Wildly Successful”. I love the soundbite from the article “The school system was created mainly by people who are natural Follow Thrush. It works best for students with the same profile. Your teachers want you to fit into the system, but you have a hard time seeing how it works. If you question the instructions—which you absolutely need to do—they think you’re being sassy.” This is true. We all have different ways of thinking and learning. This is echoed in this article by teachers and students.

When a young adult walks into my office and asks me how they should go about applying for college, I often ask why they are applying. Is it because they think they should be doing it because society says it’s the next logical step, or do they feel it is a part of their life plan and purpose? I knew the only way I could help others and be a voice for those without one was getting that piece of paper. I have echoed Martha’s word to many young adults who are homeless and of the fosterage system “Even if we manage to conform, we don’t get a high sense of self-efficacy because although we’ve managed the efficacy part of the equation, we’ve lost the self. When we fail, we feel like losers; when we succeed, we feel like impostors.”

The traditional school is not for everyone, including smart, ambitious students. I find that public schools can stifle innovation, forcing smart students who don’t fit the mold to seek out alternatives such on-line course, home schooling, and charter schools. The idea of education is not JUST learning some specific material, but getting “a well-rounded education”.   This means extracurricular activities (employment, volunteering, sports), interacting with people, etc. That is what makes a well-rounded, balanced real life.

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6 Responses to Traditional School Didn’t Work For Me, So I Enrolled in an Online School

  1. We attend an on-line high school in Louisiana – with the mess that Louisiana schools are in this was the answer for my student. At 15 -he is taking college classes -not for everyone but works for us

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  2. I did my master’s degree online, and I loved it!


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  3. vidyutian says:

    Very true indeed! now most of the skills needed are learned not through traditional schooling but online courses

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    • msw blog says:

      The traditional school is not for everyone, and yes more students are learning through online webinars, or hands on apprenticeships which are both valid ways to learn, and crave out a career path. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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