Kitchen (Remodeling) Cleanup

So, do you know what’s under your kitchen sink?


Real life moment: kitchen remodel means purging and cleaning. The counter installer told me I would have to remove my sink, everything from under the sink, and all of my top drawers. Luckily I cleaned out my kitchen drawers a few months ago. I am happy to report four out five remain clean and organized. The one fail is the junk drawer. It is just a catch all for things like coupons, countertop samples, batteries, and sticky notes. One of the counter installers noticed it and said “You have a miscellanies drawer. My wife hates ours, but it is a great place to keep all the random things. I bet you know everything that’s in there.” For the most part, I did. So I have come to accept this drawer, with the knowledge that I will clean it out on occasion.

So, do you know what’s under your kitchen sink? I opened up my cabinets and there was a milk carton full of cleaning supplies(Here is a great article on Make-it-yourself cleaning products)This was my attempt at organization, but it became more of an out of site out of mind situation. The bin was full of things we no longer use or forgot we had.

  • How many dusting items does one household need?


  • I always say I am going more green and organic. Well, with wood floors I have held true to that by using Method Squirt and Mop or what I like to call spray and mop. I just pour it into a spray bottle (which I picked up from the dollar store). Mrs. Meyers is my new friend with my kitchen counter top. Mr. Clean has been banished to bathroom only duty.


  • Walk of shame: I replaced our carpet with wooden flooring three years ago. Does carpet cleaner have an expiration date?



  • Necessary tools: Vinegar (What doesn’t vinegar clean?”A cleaning solution of three parts water to one part white vinegar is one of the simplest and cheapest cleaning solution you can use”), Kirkland dish soap (everything can’t go in the dishwasher), latex gloves, finish tablets, and jet dryer


  • I’m very glad that I did this.


Finished with that, my plumber asked if there was any way I could push back my kitchen island. I am so glad I decided against a permanent built in. Though, after his request, I thought what better time to purge the cookbooks and kitchen towels.


  • The food magazines stay, I use them and they remind me of my mother.


  • The dreaded baskets of oh that looks yummy I’ll make that and rip the page out of a magazine… and then too often never do so. Deep breath, not sorting just recycling. Cleaner and neater.


  • The giveaway/ donate pile


  • Towels, dishcloths and napkins needs just a bit of  sorting and tidying.


Exhale! I am done now let’s hope no one ask me to move anything else.


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7 Responses to Kitchen (Remodeling) Cleanup

  1. Love the comic! I also love reorganizing- this reminds me I’m due for a good cleaning 🙂


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  3. That certainly looks familiar 🙂

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  4. mliae says:

    Looking great!

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