Random Act of Kindness


Abby took me to a fabulous brunch and we both spotted the sign on the menu (if you can’t view the picture, it reads “We believe everyone deserves a warm healthy, organic meal. Harlow offers the Mighty Bowl on a sliding scale of $2-7). I had yet to taste the food, but that had already filled me and warmed my soul. Luckily, the food did not disappoint.


I have done countless little acts of kindness of my own this season, like I always do. I have learned that paying it forward is not like it is in the news or movies- here is my funniest one. I had spent my morning going for a run and reading the paper, and this article caught and tugged at my heart. Well, in Costco there just happened to be a nice elderly lady behind me with a roasted chicken and a case of water. I whispered to the cashier “I’ll pay for her things.” He smiled then proceeded to ring us up. Now, here’s the thing, you have to show your receipt to get out of Costco (yes, I forgot, it’s something we Costco people do on autopilot). I push off with my cart and I hear someone yell, “Hey, wait for me!” I turn and see the lady and cashier waving at me (Busted in the good deed). At the exit the guy reviews my receipt and says “shopping together today?” The sweet elderly lady smiles, pats my shoulder and she says, “I wish we wouldn’t; now I can’t return your horrible chicken.” I couldn’t help but laugh along with those in ear shot. Pay it forward- a smile and a good laugh are priceless.


Real life mantra

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