Random Act of Kindness

Real Life of an MSW


Abby took me to a fabulous brunch and we both spotted the sign on the menu (if you can’t view the picture, it reads “We believe everyone deserves a warm healthy, organic meal. Harlow offers the Mighty Bowl on a sliding scale of $2-7). I had yet to taste the food, but that had already filled me and warmed my soul. Luckily, the food did not disappoint.


I have done countless little acts of kindness of my own this season, like I always do. I have learned that paying it forward is not like it is in the news or movies- here is my funniest one. I had spent my morning going for a run and reading the paper, and this article caught and tugged at my heart. Well, in Costco there just happened to be a nice elderly lady behind me with a roasted chicken and a…

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  1. Wonderful and people are so kind. Thanks for the share.

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