The Power of Mindfulness


{Preparation 10 (Passion +Persistence)}


{Connection 10 (Compassion +Courage)}


{Excellence 10 (Achievement + Wisdom)}


{P110 (P2+P3)} + {C110 (C2+C3)} + {E10 (A+W)} = Power

Follow your passion with persistence, magnified by intense preparation. Use compassion and courage to weave a strong web of connections. Use focused excellence to drive achievements and gain wisdom. It is through the combination of all these things that your power will reveal itself. The magnitude and reach of your power is up to you. You must be prepared; you must commit the time, energy and effort required. – Shirley Ann Jackson

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3 Responses to The Power of Mindfulness

  1. Beautiful so powerful and positive words and a good pic too.

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  2. msw blog says:

    Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, is an amazing physicist click on the link after her equation above to read about her. I love that photo as well took it on a walk through my local arboretum. Thank you for reading.


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