Best thing I EVER ate

“Eat a Meal Completely Made From My Garden.” “Make One Jaw Dropping Meal”

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Cleaning off some of the photos on my iPad, I was reminded  of my summer bucket list (yes I completed them all) “Eat a meal completely made from my garden.” “Make one jaw dropping meal” I made a multitude of  meals from my garden- you can read about  afew of them here, here, and here. Now the jaw dropping meal was a completely different beast. Everyone is my house was under the assumption I was trying to impress them. One niece loved this fruit salad, the other loved corn salad (but we will never tell her dad this). My spouse was fond of the beer chicken. Many of my dear readers (thank you for reading) were impressed with the Butternut and Pear soup.  My whole family was fond of the clam bake. Ok, let me rewind a bit. A dear friend invited us to a seafood bake. At the end of the evening, my dear friend hugged me, handed me a bag, and said, “I saved you some.”

Upon arriving home, I found a tower full of raw seafood. One of my nieces looked at it and said, “Omg she gave you raw leftovers? Does she think we can’t afford food?” I sat her down and explained they were not leftovers, but a wonderful thoughtful gift from a friend and I could make a delicious meal for us all that I would not normally ever make. I love good seafood, but it can be outrageously expensive. So I was thankful for her kind gesture. I informed her it was no different than my taking extra vegetables from my garden and giving them to my neighbor down the street or given extra pumpkin puree to her mom for holiday pies. I made a wonderful jaw dropping seafood stew. I don’t share the recipe because, really, I don’t know any one working class person (particularly a social worker) who is eating these ingredients for a weeknight dinner.

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I have gone on a tangent. My jaw dropping meal was simple – a bite of summer. Bon Appétit!

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Tarragon
  • Oregano
  • Fresh mozzarella

Mix all ingredients together. Top with sweet citrus herb dressing. I used Signature Select. I discovered these dressings by pure happy accident. I had a coupon for one thing, but looking at the price I thought not, and the tag underneath these screamed two for $4.00. I happily scooped up four of the six flavors. Has anyone else tried these?



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