DIY Mailbox Makeover To Boost Curb Appeal


forgotten secrets

I came back from my morning run and laying there on the ground was my 15 year old mailbox, presumably a victim of a poor hit and run. I didn’t have too much time to focus on it .I propped it back up and hoped it would hold until the end of the work day. That evening I noticed my spouse had “fixed” it, but now I was in the mindset of a beautiful, leak free mailbox. A week later my new secure mailbox arrived. I channeled my inner Pinterest queen (real life confession, she does not exist) and it quickly turned into a beautiful blessed nightmare. I sent Abby a photo text that read “Thoughts?” My phone instantly rang “What are you doing? You already have serious curb appeal. Cute mailboxes are for those without any or those who are trying hook up with the mailman.” I laughed and thought, as always, Abby is right. I wiped the paint off my box, purchased some reflective numeral decals, and called it a day. Sometimes all you need to revamp your mailbox are some very cheap vinyl decals. I did keep the bicycle decal, as it is a reminder to not put outgoing mail in the box but to actually walk to the big blue mailbox. It is about a mile and a half away and makes for a beautiful walk. What has been your light bulb  DIY moment? I am also curious what does your mailbox look like?


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10 Responses to DIY Mailbox Makeover To Boost Curb Appeal

  1. So simple yet so clever. It generates happiness. I know wordpress uses the term but it fits you too… “happiness engineers”

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  2. I don’t have an individual mailbox. My mail goes into a huge mailbox that has little boxes for all the neighbors who live on my cul de sac. I have seen some very pretty and creative mailboxes so there must be a lot of lonely women trying to impress the mailman : )

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    • msw blog says:

      You and Abby our hilarious. I hope that is not the only reason creative mailboxes exist. I have seen those mass mailboxes like yours and wonder were do all the Amazon boxes go😉


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