Please Do Not Wear Fragrances to Work

My manager often complains about the perfume I wear to work. I tried changing to another brand, but she still didn’t like it. She says perfume gives her a headache, so she’s moving me to a desk which is farther from her office. This seems unfair, but I’m not sure what to do about it. What’s your opinion?


Reading Ask Carolyn. I admit my opinion was already formed. I am in the please don’t wear perfume to work camp. It gives me a headache, makes my eyes water, and makes me want to scream. Whenever I am stuck on public transit and I end up sitting by that individual, I say a silent prayer for that person’s coworkers. I am lucky that my employer is a hospital and has put it in everyone’s contract “This is a perfume free zone”. This saves me from being an asshole. I never have to say “Sweetie, just because you bought the body wash, the moisturizer, and the spray does not mean you have to wear them all.” Where do you stand on this topic?

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20 Responses to Please Do Not Wear Fragrances to Work

  1. @vapor_sage says:

    In my humble opinion, fragrance should not be noticeable unless you’re close. So, because most people don’t know what that means, I’m in the no fragrance camp too.

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  2. Pure Glory says:

    I’m with the no fragrance unless it is very mild and not noticeable.

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  3. I have a coworker that is extremely sensitive to smell and perfumes actually give her migranes if the smell is very fragrant. Poor thing gets headaches even if there are roses along her same hallway. I personally, like light scents but get it – I don’t want to make anyone sick so perfume free for me at work.

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  4. This is right some people have headache because of perfume’s smell. I spray little amount of perfume and I’m agree with you. 👍😃

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  5. Gail Kaufman says:

    About your manager moving you to a desk farther from her office – good plan!

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  6. I can so relate. Thank you. I have severe scent allergies and the overpowering scent of perfume is right up there at the top of the list.

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  7. I used to wear perfume. Except at work (hospital, mental health, etc). Now I can’t and I can’t tolerate others’ strong perfume anymore. It’s another migraine trigger for me… Perfume is such a load social issue related to our “intolerance” of normal human odors… great post!

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  8. I can’t wear any perfume to work because my manager is highly allergic to it.. however, i have been applying my essential oils such as my Lavender oil to my chest and wrists and he seriously has no reaction to it other than, “wow kenzie you smell so fresh!” Ive thrown away my perfumes and replaced it with my oils since they’re natural!!

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