Your Professional Vocabulary


I have one phrase that burns me, and that phrase is “You are just so articulate.” Can someone please tell me what that means? I swear it is a back-handed compliment if I ever heard one. I, however, read this article 6 Words You Need To Eliminate From Your Professional Vocabulary and thought, oh, this may be what they mean; since these words often bug me.

  • Honestly: When I hear it, I think “Were you previously lying about something?”
  • Just: the words “just” sounds juvenile
  • Sorry: Whenever I heard the word I hear my papa saying “Gal, never say you a sorry person, always say you apologize. “ I also think the phrase” I apologize” sounds like you’re taking more ownership of your mistakes and that you can offer a solution.
  • Hopefully: Is not a word for the work place, simply make it happen

What word or phrase bugs you?

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11 Responses to Your Professional Vocabulary

  1. Absolutely and agree totally with your post.

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  2. ‘..but..’ and ‘…however…’. Most rejection letters to my submissions come with those.

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  3. jml297 says:

    Moving forward is an old chestnut. Sometimes there seems to be so much industry jargon that I play buzzword bingo on conference calls …

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  4. Gail Kaufman says:

    I don’t like the trend of starting a sentence with “So.” It startles me. I feel like I missed something.

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