Cutting Corners at the Grocery Store : Part 2

I am all about saving money at the grocery store. I have been finding cost saving ways for so much time now that I often don’t think about them. Here are a few of my favorites that were brought to my attention by my summer house guest.


Garlic: I bought it bulk and split it a few ways: Roasting: cutting off the heads of a few, I drizzle with olive oil until they are roasted. These are easy to use in marinades and salad dressing Minced. I often will minch half a bag. Remove skin and pop cloves in a food processor for instant mixed garlic without the price tag of a jar.I also find it great to just keep some whole for crushed garlic and for stuffing poultry.


Bell peppers:  I buy them in bulk and will roast several at a time they add pop to almost any dish and are cheaper than the jars.


Cheese: We are cheese people, and we will always buy it at Costco you just get more bang that way. We have a shredder with multiple sides and will shred according to what the recipe calls for. We also don’t mind slicing it to our needs for sandwiches or snacks.


Herbs: I plant what I love. This summer it is mint, rosemary, basil, and cilantro. Nothing beats going out to the garden and gathering what you need.


How are you saving money in the kitchen?

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3 Responses to Cutting Corners at the Grocery Store : Part 2

  1. When I cooked the curries I would make garlic paste in bulk; I also pushed some cloves and rosemary into the skin of roast lamb. The Culinary Queen is so much better a cook, so I don’t do it now 🙂

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