Basil meets Friendship and Liquor

Real Life of an MSW


I prefer to give experiences than things, which everybody in my circle knows. This became hilarious last year when I sent all my girlfriends (happy mail) a packet of basil seeds and an article I found on making homemade basil noodles (I know, great gift idea- here’s one of those conversations). I was reminded of this when a girlfriend asked me what we were making this year.

Letter: I miss you. Let’s grow basil noodles this summer. Enclosed are basil seeds (and the recipe is on the back of this note card- yes, I think of everything).

Email: I did get my fun gift in the mail, and I’ve been meaning to let you know I got it! I am excited to try it out on a day when I have time to really focus my full attention on it. I’ve never made noodles before and these sound…

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3 Responses to Basil meets Friendship and Liquor

  1. Wow great Maggie and so wonderful to give someone such purposeful gifts that have so much meaning. Very well written post.

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