Ever wonder how homeless families are helped

Real Life of an MSW


Real life moment -We are in full swing of summer, and summer is synonymous with tourist season. One thing tourists don’t want see while on vacation is homeless people. I have read several articles  (see below) lately that touch on housing the homeless or making them invisible, though no article brings it home like this. This article made me smile and feel proud to be a member of this profession. I love the basic simple principles:

Stage 1: Housing first: When we focus on keeping people from becoming homeless in the first place, the other issues associated with homelessness are much easier to solve. Shelters- most stay here first, at no charge. Some are referred by agencies that deal with certain underlying issues, such as domestic violence. Other families call around and get themselves in, but this can take days or weeks. Most shelter stays are supposed to end…

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2 Responses to Ever wonder how homeless families are helped

  1. Such a wonderful read and a great post. It is so nice to help such people.

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