Fried rice Showdown

Real Life of an MSW

Does one ever get too old for siblings competitiveness and the “I bet you can’t” and “I dare you” challenges? It was the last day of my brother’s visit. We were casually reminiscing about life when a commercial came on. My brother quipped “Food NEVER looks like it does on the box!”

Wearing my rose tinted glasses of my spouse being a chef, I quipped back “Well maybe you’re just cooking it wrong”.

He looked at me and said, “I bet you couldn’t make fried rice look like it does on the Rice a Roni box.”

I laughed and said, “I bet I could if we had a box, but we don’t.”

He laughed, “You do, I bought some (How many groceries did this guy buy?) after I ate that fancy rice when I housesat (please note, we have never asked anyone to buy groceries when they house…

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