Fresh and Uncluttered

Recently, I switched rooms in the home I rent. This took longer than expected, because I didn’t want to simply transfer my (extensive) mess to a new room; I wanted a completely fresh and uncluttered start. After hours and hours of cleaning and sorting, bags of stuff sat by the front door to be thrown away, donated, or recycled. But at the end of this exhausting process was a beautiful room I was excited to spend time in. My housecleaning project gave me a fresh perspective- DB


The anecdote above hit a nerve with me. My home is one of my loves. Growing up poor without a stable roof over my head or basic amenities has taught me how to cherish and be grateful for what I have. It also burns me when I watch those design shows and people say, “Oh, it’s so pretty now, I almost don’t want sell.” My question is always, “Why didn’t you do it in the first place?” Love your space. I am a clinical social worker! I am not a contractor  or a designer. This week’s post will not be a play by play of how to demo or design, but more of an encouraging week of post to say if you’re getting ready to take on a major DIY , I am cheering you on. “You can do this!”


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  1. The problem with us is that the garden comes first 🙂

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