Kitchen Updates Before and After


You ever wonder what happens after a while on those design shows? It has been a  little over year with the new kitchen. When someone’ walks in the kitchen the first reaction is often “Damn it’s bright in here.”

The counters pick up amazing light from the sky light and the oversized kitchen window. The kitchen counter has also settled a bit more and needed re-caulking (my sister did it, I love her).


The faucet is amazing, though be warned if you’re planning on getting one- the magnet is strong for the sprayer.The sink is amazing (I mean, I can fit my 24- 18cutting board in it!). I will say it does scratch easily, and this may deter some from buying it, but I think it adds character.


We replaced the black stools  at the island with metal red ones, which it makes the space look more open and adds a pop of color.


The range is beyond amazing.The backsplash is easy to clean.


Loving the wooden floors


There are a few more things I would like to add to this space, like roman shades for more light. However, Abby is refusing to make me new window treatments (she made my current curtain, and keeps babbling something about roman shades being out of her scope of practice. Silly Abby!). I also would love a dish rack that goes over the sink, but my current dish rack is from Costco and only a year old, so I can’t justify buying a new one.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the bathroom, it’s still amazing. I do dream of a claw bathtub, but my spouse just tunes me out and my sister says she loves me but she’s not laying any more floors this year. She has cash paying clients to serve, but perhaps she will think it over if I learn to bake.

If you have a question about a method or what tool was used, please leave me a comment or send me an email.

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5 Responses to Kitchen Updates Before and After

  1. I love it so much!


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  2. AJ says:

    It looks gorgeous! You are very lucky to have a handy sister – hopefully she is easier to get to do something than my handy brothers!

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