Grow a great cutting garden

Real Life of an MSW


A wise mentor once told me if you only have $5 buy yourself a loaf of bread and a single flower for happiness, then splurge with the rest of it. That advice has stuck with me. I am a lover of flowers, and I make it a habit to purchase myself a bouquet every time I go to the farmers market. There’s something about flowers that just brings me happiness. This year as I sit and dream of what to plant in my garden, I have made the decision that I will plant a flower garden. I need to turn a plain-Jane backyard into an inviting space (yes, the back yard dream continues). We now have two huge empty spots of dirt- one where the hostasused to live and where that horrible nonfunctional water fountainlived. So, I thought wouldn’t it be great if we filled them with…

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4 Responses to Grow a great cutting garden

  1. krc says:

    flowers are joyful stuff

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