Cinderella Syndrome

Student’s description of site-specific activities this quarter the activity that displayed a tremendous amount of social justice is the ________ annual prom. I was able to help out in this area in several capacities from helping a very diverse group of young women, and transgender youth find formal attire for the dance at the nonprofit _________. They provide formal gowns to local area underprivileged and at risk you who are unable to purchase their own prom attire. Students self-evaluation of competency and areas for growth. I am very competent in the areas of social justice as a woman of color as I have always had open dialogue with adolescents and young adults regarding the areas of social identity am sure I will continue to grow in this area.

Life can be shitty for some, and as a therapist to youth and young adults, I do not try to sugar coat this when they walk into my office. I, however, believe when moments of joy present themselves, they should embrace it. I like to call this the “Cinderella Syndrome”. This time around this came in the form of prom. It was one of those moments that allowed youth to forget about being homeless, a foster kid, or living in temporary housing and the daily bullshit even for a little while. This was a moment to lean into fairytales- leaving behind their circumstances, race, sexual orientation, and gender. This was a moment to be just a teenager and party in a safe space. I applaud for providing gowns, and other agencies that provide makeup and hair to create this fabulous moment of joy. If you want to donate your old jewelry or party dress think of donating your items to such a place.

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6 Responses to Cinderella Syndrome

  1. jhward220 says:

    I really enjoyed this, Being a father to a transgender I KNOW they have such a hard time already just trying to find themselves and fit in. I am still trying to wrap my brain around it all.

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    • msw blog says:

      Thank you. In my part of the world business and schools have been placing “safe space” signs in visible areas letting everyone know they are welcome. I find this to be a good start.
      In regards to being a parent of a transgender child it can be a lot. The best thing you can do is love, and support your child. To use your own words “Love with all the strength in your body and try to show others that they are loved and have a place in all of our hearts.” I would also advise you to seek out answer to your questions through a therapist, support group or books because you to as parent are going through your own process of adjusting.

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  2. I’m super lucky that I have choice to forgo prom. It shocked me that people would want to spend money on unnecessary networking or socializing that will neither help with their future career or real life. My life used to be complicated. I was an unloved child attending an elite school. If my father had a choice, he would prefer not sending me to college at all let alone spending money recklessly on prom dresses. In a third world country, it is common for parents to favor male children over female children. They will sell off lands, mortgaged homes and whatever to fund a male offspring but not female offspring.

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    • msw blog says:

      I to have been shocked at the rising cost of prom. I however, love that the children I worked with while attending graduate school had the option of this “normal” right of passage. I was even more impressed that the community rallied to supply them with all they need to be a fairy princess or prince for a evening. It seems like your country has a lot of work to do around gender equality may you began to rally for change…

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