Paid Parental Leave Policy

What does a good paid- leave policy look like? It needs to be at least three months, include protection to make sure that your job is there for you when you return, and cover 100 percent of your income (many proposals give only two thirds pay, and that’s just not enough, especially or minimum wage workers.) It also needs to be available to matter where you work for- whether you work for yourself or for a big corporation -and be available to every type of family. We’re advocating for a national paid family leave insurance program. It’s similar to unemployment insurance, which covers lost wages when you lose a job.

Infographic on how many weeks each country offers in paid maternity leave. The US is the lowest, at zero. More explanation below.

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7 Responses to Paid Parental Leave Policy

  1. tsepotheview says:

    This is an issue which affects any employee and the government is doing nothing about this kind of issue…

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  2. In Italy we have five months full paid (obligatory) and nine months 30% paid (optional)

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