Real-world Experience

Student’s competency and areas for growth I have continued to merge the academic world with real world experience. For example, a resident at _________ was caught with pornographic images of themselves on the staff computer and several popular websites. They were a former prostitute who was court ordered to stop, so they have violated this order. This incident provided me with a clear example of how other agencies such as child protective services (CPS), _________ county juvenile courts, and juvenile probationary services operate to keep a child safe.

Practicum instructor evaluation of student’s competency and areas for growth_________ has done a great job this year and this quarter. She has a lot of great ideas and insights and has begun to express these among the group. She has asked a lot of questions on issues that she does not understand or wants further clarification, which I believe makes the best type of social worker. She will do amazing work moving toward her career.

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 (There’s) no such thing as a “stupid question” is a popular phrase with a long history. It suggests that the quest for knowledge includes failure, and that just because one person may know less than others, they should not be afraid to ask rather than pretend they already know. This is especially important when you are paying for the help.

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