The “Girl” Stays

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 Boys Scouts of America dropped the “Boys” from their name, which allows them to open the door for girls and to be all inclusive. Good for them, some may say. I, however, love Megan Ferland’s, CEO of Western Washington Girl Scouts, response when asked if Girl Scouts would be dropping the girl from their name. Ferland’s reply was fierce “We are committed to the same thing we were founded on 106 ago. Equipping girls with tools to become leaders who can face any challenge. In Girl Scouting, girls gain confidence, seek challenges, become active decision-makers, and proficient problem-solvers. They are better equipped to navigate an ever-changing work world.” I respect that Ferland and the organzation didn’t bend to the pressure of society. I respect how they stand firm and open to change, creating new chapters to meet needs of girls in various communities, while honoring every girl of every race, ethnicity, income level, ability, religion, geographic location, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The latter Girl Scouts stand firm on- in 2015 they did a crowdfunding campaign in support of transgender girls. A donor who gave $100,000 later stipulated that their funds could not support transgender girls. Girl Scouts promptly gave the funds back, while sending a message to girls, “What you want to be we will support you and help you obtain it. If a girl wants to be an engineer, they have badges for that; if they want to be a filmmaker or comic book artist they have badges for that; if they want to experience outdoor activities like rocking climbing or fire building, they have programs and badges for that.”

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7 Responses to The “Girl” Stays

  1. There is something in ‘vive la différance’.

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  2. Very good! I love these girls

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  3. Kally says:

    Oh yes! I totally support that!

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