How Long is too Long to Stay at a Job ?

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The title alone How Long is Too Long to Stay in A Job? took me down memory lane. I worked at a company for over a decade as a receptionist. The position allowed flexibility and plenty of down time to study. I earned both of my college degrees while in this position, without having to take on the traditional stress of taking work home or having to meet deadlines. Therefore, when a student or client asks me “How long should I stay at a given job before it looks as if I’m coasting, or, even worse, lack ambition.” I would be inclined to say, “Individuals stay with employers for a host of reasons: pay, flexibility, childcare, opportunity for growth, commute, or prestige.” My advice when you’re contemplating whether to stay at any job is the same as Burns, “Always ask yourself if you are running to something or from something.” Both are valid reasons for making change, of course. However, if your work environment is toxic, your income is low, your industry is being phased out, or you have ceased to grow and learn, then it’s time to consider moving on, or possibly staying and earning your college degree on the side.

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