Idea Party

When you gather people at a party where the goal is asking your dream reality something amazing happens

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  • Go broad – ideas flow from unexpected places, so don’t worry about crafting a perfectly calibrated guest list or balancing out the lawyers and artist. Invite four or five friends and ask each of them to bring someone. Keep it simple: “I’m having an idea party next week. Want to come?” They’ll press for an explanation but resist. Intrigue is part of the fun.
  • Start by lying-The lying game helps people think creatively. It’s simple; each person, in 15 seconds or less, tells the biggest lie they can conjure about themselves (I’m an alligator psychologist”; “I eat pixie dust for dinner”) and then explains what they like most about the lie they’ve told . Your guest might not realize it, but they’ll be revealing something through the lies they share. This will help others feel more trusting around them, even if they can’t articulate it why. And as the game continues, people will build on one another suggestions – exactly the interaction you’re trying to cultivate.
  • Let the ideas fly- When you’re ready to get down to business, have everyone sit in a circle. Explain your goal and the obstacles. For example, “I want to go to India, but I’d like to take someone who been there first; I don’t speak the langue; I don’t know a good travel agent.” Then pick up a pen and get ready to write – you’re about to be flooded with ideas. It’s important that you not filter response or discount suggestions – write everything down, to process later. if you think you’ll have a hard time doing This, ask friend to be a note taker. Don’t be surprised if guest ping-pong ideas at one another -or call or email days later with new insights. All of it becomes ammunition for you to break down barriers and start living your life to the fullest.
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