Porch Pirates & Real Life Rants

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Package Theft – Let me be the first one to say I can’t stand thieves and I am always stunned at porch pirates- those individuals who swipe your packages off your porch. Therefore, I have enjoyed reading and watching how individuals are combatting these pirates. Two of my favorites have been Mark Rober’s and his glitter bomb idea, and Jaireme Barrow’S shot gun idea. Albeit reading an article on the latter titled “Tacoma man creates ‘boom box’ to deter package thefts — and police say that could be a crime” , I was baffled by Cool’s statement “If the would-be package thief is hurt in any way, the homeowner would be responsible.” Is she kidding me! I personally believe the thieves should get exactly what they deserve when stepping on to private property to steal. Have you heard of any geniuses’ ideas to deter porch pirates? What are your thoughts on homeowners being on the hook for a theft related injury?

Later that day I found few rant clippings and though this would be a great time to share them.



RANT To companies that use automated phone services that don’t allow for the option of speaking to a live person. There are times when the option you need isn’t available. A live person with patience, understanding and an empathetic ear will go a long way when it comes to a consumer’s goodwill.

RANT To solicitors who ignore “No Soliciting” signs. There’s a reason why homeowners have “No Soliciting” signs; they work a night shift and sleep during the day, are concerned about personal security, or have other reasons it’s an inconvenience to answer the door. It’s our home and we make the rules concerning it. Residents put that sign there because they’re not interested in what you have to offer, and when we ask you to leave, you must. Please don’t argue; you won’t win. It only makes us less interested in your business, candidate or cause. All you have to do is turn and walk away. Anything else is harassment and trespass.

RANT Is anyone else tired of all the commercials for prescription drugs on TV? They encourage you to ask your doctor for these drugs for a variety of ailments, but neglect to tell you they cost hundreds of dollars or more a month. The cost, insurance issues and medical side effects can make these drugs more stressful than the disease!

RANT To the police who failed to respond, after six weeks and calls from us and neighbors, to our report of an abandoned car in front of our house. We finally entered the car, found the insurance card, contacted the grateful owner, and got him to his car that had been stolen. He happily started it up and drove away since it had only minor damage.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to tailgaters. Few things brighten my day more than someone riding my bumper trying to bully me into driving faster or somehow getting out of their way. The closer they get, the more I enjoy being in their way. A tiny rant to me for taking pleasure in someone else’s frustration. But I do.

RANT To the irresponsible person driving on the highway with their beautiful Lab loose in the back of their pickup truck. It was freezing and snowing, and the poor dog was slipping all over. Next time leave him home or put him inside the truck!

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