Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip for May 10, 2020

RAVE to walkers, hikers and joggers in Edmonds who, when approaching someone else on the sidewalk or trail, step off (into the street if necessary) to give a 6-foot distance when passing. A smile and a wave is our greeting and thanks to each other. Thank you for helping curb the spread of COVID-19 and taking safety precautions seriously.

RAVE to stores that are giving all hourly staff temporary pay increases during this time. A big rave as well to all the people who work tirelessly to keep the grocery stores open and safe.

RAVE to mail and newspaper delivery services. In this time of isolation, I look forward to getting my daily press updates, entertainment and a variety of opinions from informed sources. Where would we be without the crossword puzzle? In a similar vein, I can still send letters and receive important information and news from friends. Yes, I can do all this online, but it is not as comforting. Many of my contacts — young children, overseas relations and older friends with no social media — do not have an online presence, so it would be difficult to reach them if there were no service. While we used to take these things for granted, they have now become almost essential to counter social isolation. I am so appreciative.

RAVE to those who are socially distanced, but not socially distant. You can still smile, wave and say hello from 6 feet away. A little positivity can go a long way with family, friends, neighbors and strangers.

RAVE to the honest person who found the debit card I left in an ATM and slipped it under the door of the closed bank location. I was fumbling around with hand sanitizer and forgot it. It’s nice, particularly in anxious times like these, when people do the right thing.

RAVE to kind gestures. I had stopped for groceries after a stressful day as an “essential employee” in local government. I’m not sure if my anxiety and exhaustion showed on my face, but a man offered to take my empty cart back along with his. This made my day. Thank you to the helpers.

RAVE to everyone temporarily giving up your social life for the better good. Play dates, coffee dates, dinner with friends both at home and out, crafting groups, book clubs, art classes, all kinds of group exercising, cooking groups/classes (and on and on and on) have all been put aside, despite the tremendous temptation to just go ahead and meet. Thank goodness we can still take walks!

RAVE to the guests on Alaska Flight 225 on Sept. 7 who were patient, kind and tolerant as we had to wait on the tarmac at Paine Field during the lightning storm for four hours until it was safe to return to the air. Airport safety and logistics wouldn’t allow anyone to get off and we had very little resources. As flight attendants, we continuously served you drinks and every last cookie, snack, cracker, mint we had left. You offered each other treats from your personal bags, and helped each other pass the time. I heard some folks joyfully singing together and many engaged others in cards, word games, and crosswords. After a 9+ hour day, we were finally able to get you to Seattle. You thanked us as you deplaned! You worried about our long day and our drive home. Wow. Guests on #225, way to represent humanity at its best!

RAVE to all the beautiful gardens bringing colorful joy to the spring landscape in these stressful days. Rave also to the folks who take care of them and help to create and maintain their beauty.

RAVE to the very helpful and friendly woman at Washington State Department of Social and Health Services who helped me figure out and submit a benefits form on behalf of my 90-year-old grandmother who lives by herself and does not use a computer. She made the process easy and seamless and truly made my day!

RAVE to family members who, when their older family members pass away, remember the friends from their elders’ past years, and notify them so the grief can be shared. Thanks for going through address books or other records and understanding that while you maybe did not personally know these folks, distance and infirmity may have meant that your elder was not able to keep up with old friends (or vice versa), and sharing your news will bring us all closer together



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4 Responses to Rave

  1. A splendid list. Yesterday, I had watched a woman keep her distance from a man and dog running past, then keeping our distance, we enjoyed a pleasant conversation.

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  2. adguru101 says:

    And a rave to staying upbeat, which is certainly not easy these days!

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