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What advice do you have for anyone who’s been laid off or fired for the first time in their career? One huge mistakes people make is letting your job become your identity its just a job, and you’re hear to make money. Anything we perceives as rejection sucks in the moment. I would venture to say many of us had a relationship that didn’t work out, and in hindsight we don’t think,” That’s the one that got away. We’re usually like, Whew, thank God that didn’t workout. -Juliette Jones 

Research your career options well before graduation | Science | AAAS

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6 Responses to Career Advice

  1. Kally says:

    Hear Hear! Thank you for impacting wisdom.

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  2. Very true. We’re in trouble when our job becomes our identity, or when we are afraid to try something new and grow.

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  3. Hamish says:

    Few people are lucky enough where their purpose and passion is directly linked with their job. Focus on the positive difference we are making.

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