Excerpt from a Career Journal: A Crisis Intervention Specialist

 “God is always on time and knows what you need. It is we who are impatient and indecisiveness.” I found those words on a faded post-it and they made me smile, pause, and reflect, as it was stuck to the following entry

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“Last week I got a call from a homeless shelter for women. I was surprised because the lady held my application since October, which was more than six months ago. Perhaps she came across it while cleaning out the file cabinet? Nevertheless, I know I originally withdrew my application for a Crisis Intervention Specialist. Yet six months later I find myself singing a new tune. I could use the extra cash. Although it only pays _____ an hour, it will help with my car note. I also have now realized it’s good to have the following on my resume “Works effectively with persons of mental illness, and with persons of substance abuse related issues. Efficient in providing harm reduction counseling and advocacy.” as I apply for graduate school and move forward in my social services career.

I started my training at the shelter today.  Just listening to the advice given during training, I know this is not the gig for me. My passion leans more toward working with children and families. Children are NOT allowed in the shelter. We were informed if we see a child, we should call Child Protective Services whether the child appears to be in danger or not. Before I could get into my feelings, she informed us that CPS often will not show up.  Talk about the gaps in our system.  Yet ____ words echo, “You may not interact with children, yet you can see the mothers which they come from, and maybe find out what happened to their children.” She informed me that many of the women who they refer to as “clients” are at the shelter because of drug abuse, mental illness, and/or domestic violence relationships. She also complains while training us that there needs to be a better transition between prison and release. Hell, I say we need to embrace these women when they are young.

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