Afraid of Falling?

The students start by lowering themselves down onto the mats slowly. Over the weeks, they learn to fall.

I love the quote the articleAfraid of Falling? For Older Adults, the Dutch Have a Cure ended on “You practice the things you know you can do, and not the things you can’t.” Falling as we age is one of those things. I shared this idea with a few elderly, and they seemed to enjoy the idea of an obstacle course that is clinically devised to teach them how to navigate treacherous ground without having to worry about falling, and how to fall if they did. The elderly, like many elsewhere, are living longer than in previous generations and often alone. As they do, courses that teach them not only how to avoid falling, but how to fall correctly, are gaining popularity. Falling can be a serious thing for older adults. Aging causes the bones to become brittle, and broken ones do not heal as readily and hinder the ability to live alone. With these preventive measures and modifications such as: having hand grips installed in just the right places, installing ramps, and adding raised toilet seats can give elderly a fighting chance to live alone, and to socialize with their peers who are facing the same things.

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6 Responses to Afraid of Falling?

  1. biglittleus says:

    This is sounds great. Whilst working with older adults we had many falls leading to long stays in hospital and loss of confidence and independence on discharge.
    Learning to fall safely and reducing the damage caused could be empowering.

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  2. Good post. I have just turned 70. A few weeks ago I had a nasty fall. I managed to work out a way of safely getting up off the floor. Aging is definitely no fun.

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  3. Prior... says:

    Well I regret clicking the link for the article because it would not let me read without setting up an account and also took so long to load I now wonder how many cookies and side trails it added to my device – anyhow – don’t need to read the article to get your advice and wisdom here,
    Although I do have a plug for yoga and better supplements –
    Many of my yoga teachers remind folks that limber hips and a strong core are the key to preventing injuries after a fall – and also a strong core can give balance and prevent some falls too. And then our standard American diet with so much sugar and dangerous canola oils are piling from health – and minerals and other supplements can really feed bones and also help with vestibular balance and bone health

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    • msw blog says:

      Yes, the New York Times. does request that an individual subscribe, after they have read a certain amount of free articles. The article does include a wonderful video of the obstacle course. I agree regular good physical activity, and a healthy diet can help prevent such falls, and other aging ailments. Thank you for reading. 


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