Ethical Issues in the Work place

Going through my old clinical supervision bin, I came across a balled-up piece of paper. I read it and the words still break my heart. I share it with you in its entirety as it is a glimpse into the world of life of a front line social worker working in Community Mental Health.

Nepotism Cartoon # 1415 - ANDERTOONS


My Email: I have compiled an agenda for this Sunday’s meeting, along with supporting evidence (although my plan is to remain silent, take notes, and speak only when I am asked direct questions).  I am not sure how to ask the nepotism question, besides being direct.  In addition to _______. working at _______. , _______. is also working (I have not met her- our first shift together will be this Sunday). Staff and clients informed me she is the daughter of _______. , who now head of _______. (and is her first cousins with _______. ). I am aware that _______. has picked up all of _______. ’s hours ( _______. resigned and now works on-call), but _______. and other staff have found _______. obtaining all these hours to be unfair. It is my hope they speak up for themselves at the meeting.

In other news, Sunday, _______. arrived with an intern who can only work Sundays. From what I gather, the intern will be a peer to _______. clients. She used to be affiliated with _______. and they offered her an assessment internship. She needs to complete 25 hours as part of this program (Have you heard of this?). I spent Sunday giving her a tour and allowing her to finish _______. ’s inventory list, which I did the bulk of on Saturday. I believe this task was a great introduction for her to learn where things were and all that  _______ has to offer. This Sunday I am hoping to tackle our back supply closet and/or have her sit at the desk and assist clients with appointments and resources. My question for you is, can I count these hours as double as I’m essential doing my job and taking on a teaching role?

I look forward to your input!


  1. New hours: paid lunches, safety in numbers, mention assaults, threats and other CCS program has this policy.
  2. Conduct boundaries: when would you like to be notified (mention program manual page 23)
  3. Inventory: How are you ordering supplies, what’s important?
  4. Donations: Thank you cards, Clothing – why can’t we accept and put on free table?
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