Etiquette Question: Guest Edition

What do I do if someone brings a guest who has a ton of dietary restrictions without giving me advanced warning?

In Defense of Cooking Like a Complete and Total Maniac | Bon Appétit

Alex answers this question as I would, “My house my rules.”  I also found myself chuckling and rolling my eyes at this query. This has happened to me on more than one occasion as my spouse is a chef by trade, and individuals have come to think he will just whip up a culinary delight for them. That is not the case when the menu is set. When this happens I simply say, “This is the meal we have planned; I wish I knew you were coming.” End of discussion. I then follow up with the guest who brought them, letting them know how inappropriate the invite was. If I am familiar with the uninvited guest, I would welcome them to peruse my pantry, cupboards, and kitchen for a snack.

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7 Responses to Etiquette Question: Guest Edition

  1. I use to run an Etiquette School and you’re wrong. Etiquette is all about making others comfortable. So, even if your menu is set, you should always try to accommodate your guest in some way. Remember, it’s about SOCIAL grace.

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    • msw blog says:

      Thank you for calling me out. I agree it is about social grace, and  kindness. I also need to read about your finishing school. Can I find a post on Chatting With San?

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      • The name of my school was The Sandra Parks School of Etiquette. You can probably find me on fb. I’ve not done much since I’ve become a flight attendant. But even to this day I mentor young ladies starting their schools.

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      • Btw, I didn’t mean to call you out. That wasn’t what I was doing. That wouldn’t be right. But as a coach it just stood out. If you’re the host you must make room for all guest. But I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. 💗💗


      • msw blog says:

        I have no problem with being called, out it allows one to pause, reflect, and grow. Are you still a flight attendant, that seems like an interesting career during these times. You should also follow passengershaming on IG if you are not already?


  2. adguru101 says:

    This has happened to me; uninvited guests are a problem, regardless of their dietary wishes — unless it’s a large event. I’d discretely try to find something they could eat so they’d feel comfortable but I’d also tell the person who brought them (privately, at another time) that it was very inconsiderate and made everyone feel awkward, including their uninvited guests.

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